Offline Marketing for Online Marketing Company

By   February 6, 2017

Nobody can deny the fact that advertising is imperative to the success of a brand. The birth of the internet has made marketing a little easier for anyone who knows what they are doing. Social media has made simple marketing strategies effective, and the number of people you can reach is enormous. However, there’s still a sizable segment of the population unreachable through the internet. If a recent study by the Internet world stats is anything to go by, only 78% of the US population is online. Out of the percentage, only 68% of them log into Facebook on a regular basis. While 92% of the American population know about Twitter, only 24% actually use it.

These statistics prove that there is a significant portion of the population that cannot be reached via online marketing strategies. Unlike large corporations who have huge budgets set aside for other forms of advertisement (radio, television, and print media), start-ups and small business have to step up and push their message to the target audience using grassroots marketing techniques as well as promotional products.

Deploying Offline Marketing Techniques

Offline marketing techniques can be applied to all types of businesses. Whether your company is large or small, online or offline, you can use offline marketing strategies to reach the remaining portion of your target audience. All you have to do is develop a comprehensive plan before you proceed with the implementation of the campaign. First things first, decide on the target demographic for either existing or new products or services and then determine what grassroots method you will use to reach them. You can choose to use any (or both) of the followings methods:

  • Use to promotional products.
  • Standard grassroots marketing strategies such as word of mouth.

Promotional Products

The use promotional products through a company like Pinnacle Promotions,, can go a long way to increasing your brand’s visibility. The recipient gets to keep the product, and every time he/she uses it, the people around, whether at work, at home, or any other form of social environment become exposed to your brand. Some might actually view this product as an act of generosity and subconsciously endorse your brand. Promotional products are effective and offer a brilliant and memorable alternative to other expensive advertising mediums.

Grassroots Marketing Techniques

Grassroots marketing is also referred to as guerrilla marketing. Grassroots marketing is all about promoting a brand, a service, or a product by using the power of personal relationships. All you need to do is develop a marketing message for the target audience and personally deliver it. Figuring out where to find the target audience can be tricky, but with a little out of the box thinking and some research, you’ll find them. Your message should sum up why they should buy your product or service. That’s simple? Yes, if you do it right. You should be compelling enough to convince them to buy from you and not from your competitors. It is the most basic form of advertising.


Using Computer Graphics

By   January 28, 2016

stock-624712_1920Use of graphics makes the life easier

Graphics are the pictorial representations of some data, a figure to convey same information far easily and quickly. There is a saying that “a picture worth more than a thousand words” this is exactly what graphics does to make loads of data simple to understand. The images that are generated by the computer are called computer graphics.

The purposes of using graphics to understand particular software include;

  1. Exhibit variations and make comparisons
  2. Display various relationships
  3. Provide life to facts

The pros of using graphics are as follows;

  1. A quick way to understand what the software is about
  2. Focuses on the main point of discussion
  3. A concise way to impart information
  1. More compelling for the audience
  2. Provide a logical proof to what your are saying

The cons of using graphics are as follows;

  1. Time & cost consuming
  2. Depends a lot on the knowledge of the audience

Definitely the pros outweigh the cons of using the graphics hence using the graphics exhibit software will definitely allow you to get into the minds with your ideas properly. Use of graphics allows you to be more specific in your explanations. Sometimes words are not enough to explain how a process works then graphics come in to illustrate something without the use of words. This can easily be understood by considering an example of use of tables and graphs to explain your company’s performance. You can take all your time to explain how the company has performed over the years, using your words. The fact is your discussion will get boring and the audience will lose their interest in what you are trying to explain.

The simple solution to this problem is addition of a table or a graph which will convey your message without saying a word and will also keep your audience interested. An easy-to-read example is presented with Add-On Technology explaining their Single User Teller Accounts Automation providing what happens with this service on the back-end with a graphic, otherwise without could be easily confused. Similar is the case with your software presentation which can get a little boring no matter how much value you are delivering with it. According to a study we cannot focus more than 7 seconds, therefore you can make these 7 seconds useful by adding some graphics and you will get across with whatever you want.

Effective use of the graphics to explain your software can be done by following these simple steps;

  1. First of all the graphics used must be aligned with your purpose to explain the software and its working.
  2. Do not use heavy graphics with large sizes, as these will take time to load and the customers will lose their focus.
  3. The graphics should take the customers straight to the bottom line, in this case the intended benefit of the software.
  4. Don’t make a fool out of yourself by using repeated graphics. The customers will take this negatively.
  5. The graphics should contain minimal amount of text.
  6. The text should be used with proper font and color for effective visibility.

Website Design for Design Company

By   January 27, 2016

web-1668927_1920Judging a Book by it’s Cover

Yes, it’s true, we do judge books by their cover. Well, maybe we’ll read the first page to get a sense but if you haven’t sold us by then, we’re moving on. The same concept goes for websites, perhaps unconsciously. However, if your company specializes in design, you better make sure your website is up to par. Even if you specialize in home remodeling design, or fashion design. Take a look at this companies website, for instance, who specializes in Kitchen and Bathroom design – KBF Design Gallery. Since their website is appealing, I guarantee their customers will give them enough credit and trust to make that next step (calling them).

Updating A Design Company’s Website

The design company that wants to have as much traffic as possible needs to make sure that it has an updated website. Updates websites are very important for the way that customers view the business, and a business that does not have a strong web presence will not find all the customers that it needs to be successful. The idea behind keeping the site in good condition is to make sure that it always looks current.

The Style

The style of the site needs to look like it was conceived in today’s world. People who look at these sites know what a site should look like in this day and age, and it is important for the people that design the site to make sure that it always looks good. There are plenty of options for making a site look great, but someone who does not know what to do must hire a designer for help. The designer will do most of the work, and they will get input from the site owner. This means that the site will always look current because it is looked after by someone who is in the design industry.

The Background

The background of the site has to be set up to look appealing, and it needs to be altered often to make sure that people will want to look at it. It may look great today, but it needs to be updated to make sure that it is with the times. Anything that looks out of the ordinary is going to be a problem because there is nothing that will help the site look better if the backgrounds are terrible.

There are a lot of people who are looking at the background first, and they want to know that the company is thinking about how the site looks. There are plenty of people who will look in the back first, or they will get tired of the site because the background is not any good. This is critical, but it can be helpful when people have made the right design choices.

The Navigation

The site has to be changed often to make sure that people can get around it. There are a lot of people who will get lost, and they will leave because they cannot figure out what is going on. This is very important because will not be able to get to what they want, and they will leave. They will tell their friends that the site is not worth it, and that will make it even worse for everyone involved.

The best thing for a design company is to make sure that they can get the right kind of look all the time. Search engines will use the freshness of the site to judge them, and the site has to be very fresh if people are going to find it at the top of their search results. Every design company needs to look like they take design seriously on their site.